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The Preston Bypass

 The road construction included a layer of a material called "wet mix". This picture shows the material being laid and rolled.

 Excavation on the south escarpment.  It was the wettest summer of the 50s decade

Anpother picture taken from the edge of the north escarpment looking south.  It shows the motorway after the hard shoulders had been strengthened and surfaced in red "schlamme"


A rare picture taken from just south of the Samlesbury junction, looking north, not long after the motorway opened.  Note the hawthorn hedge in the central reservation, designed to prevent cross-over accidents

 Samlesbury bridge under construction in 1957

 Ribbleton railway bridge - the line is now closed

A very poor picture of the frost damage that occured on Preston By-pass in January 1959.

The picture shows "muckshifting" on the north escarpment.  Although the event was "staged" it give a good indication of the plant in use at the time.

In order to give the public a clear idea of what the motorway involved, a model was made of the full length of the road.  This section is between the cooling towers of the Courtaulds' works and the Preston-Longridge railway line bridge, showing how it would skirt a housing estate.


Applying the "schlamme" finish to the hard shoulders, to clearly distinguish them from carriageway.

At the "Inauguration" ceremony Fred Hackett symbolically drove his bulldozer to demolished a hedge to indicate the start of work.


 Hollins Farm bridge


Hindley House footbridge under construction.

Hindley House footbridge was one of the unique "banana" footbridges, which were later used on other sections of the M6 in Lancashire.


The Higher Walton bridge under construction

The Higher Walton Bridge (viaduct) crosses the River Darwen and the A675.

Aerial view of the muckshifting works on the north escarpment.  The industrial buildings in the background are the Courtauld's Red Scar works which were subsequently closed and redeveloped

Excavation on the south escarpment.  It was the wettest summer of the 50s decade

South escarpment.  Surfacing, hard shoulder construction etc underway

Some of the excavation work was simply bogged down by the mud



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